Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I view my proofs?

  1. If you have a account, you can use your student number and the password you created (this is not your account)
  2. If you do not have a account, you can login using your student number as your user ID and your password.

How much do the packages cost?

If you have a account, login to “See the Packages/Pricing”. There will also be a price list available with the photographers at the shoot.

What is a sitting fee?

A “Sitting Fee” is a charge for the initial shoot. Its main purpose is to make sure the graduates are serious about purchasing photos. You do not get any photos with the sitting fee.

What happens with the $20 I paid for a sitting fee?

The $20 sitting fee will be credited towards the cost of a package after tax if you order before the due date.
The $20 fee is non-refundable if the due date is missed or if you do not order a package.

How do I find out the due date to order grad photos?

We will post the due date on in the Announcements section and send you an email reminder to the email you provided on the day of your photoshoot.

I cannot see my proofs!

If you are having trouble please e-mail us at or call us at 416-290-5129.

How do I order a package?

You can order your grad photos through our secure website using a credit card or at our store located at 50 Weybright Ct, Unit#18 in Toronto.
If you place an order online, there is an option to pick up your package at our store.

Can I just order a CD?

CDs with the original digital images from your photo session become available for purchase at $55 if you purchase a Copper Package or above ($115+)

How long until I receive my package?

Generally the package will be completed and ready for pick-up or delivered within four to eight weeks following the purchase of the package.

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